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Costco Development Rezoning Delayed

Many residents wrote letters to the Meridian Township Board in support of retailer Costco Wholesale ...[More]

Township Board Approved Rezoning of New Hotel and Denied Rezoning of Commercial Area

The Meridian Hospitality, LLC, had requested a rezoning on the terms of how a new hotel will be buil...[More]

Provision Senior Living Rezoning Progresses

A few weeks ago, PVL Investments out of St. Louis, Missouri, approached the Township Board proposing...[More]

Rezoning of Mayberry Homes

The Rezoning #15040 of Mayberry Homes had been up for discussion at the Dec. 8, 2015 regular Townshi...[More]

McCurdy Rezoning Approved

The McCurdy family owns pigmy goats, unfortunately their property wasn't properly zoned. Luckily, th...[More]

Stockwell Rezoning Request

The Township Board recently voted to approve a rezoning request for the Stockwell Development Corpor...[More]

McCurdy Goats Rezoning Before Planning Commission

Do five goats make a farm? That's the question the Planning Commission had to ask on Monday, Octo...[More]

Meridian Township Rezoning Request Still Unfinished Business

At the September 28th Planning Commission Meeting, the Commission addressed the concerns from Meridi...[More]

The Rezoning of Ember Oaks Subdivision Sparks Controversy at Planning Commission Meeting

At the May 18th Planning Commission meeting, there was a request to amend the PRD sketch plan for th...[More]

Rezoning Requests for Eyde Properties Approved at Township Board Meeting

George F. Eyde Family requested a rezoning of eight point six acres from professional office (PO) an...[More]

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