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Virtual View

A talk show program featuring interviews with community leaders on various topics of interest for those in Meridian Township.

On this episode of Virtual View, HOMTV's Catherine Weddle sits down with Sgt. Andrew McCready from the Meridian Township Police Department to discuss the 2022 Deer Cull in the Township.

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New Standards Bill introduced for Dogs Living Outside

For a year now Bill HB 4784-86 has been sitting at the House Judiciary Committee waiting for a hearing. This bill would increase the sheltering standard for dogs living outdoors. The sponsor of Bi 3/8/2022 8:55:00 AM

Meridian Township 2022 Deer Cull Ends in Success

The Meridian Township Police department concluded their 2022 deer cull early after reaching their goal of 200 deer. A surplus of deer traffic crashes and property damage in MeridianTownship has sh 3/8/2022 8:50:56 AM

Meridian Township Board Talks 2022 Goals

A new year means new opportunities, and Meridian Township is no exception. The Township management team and Township Board announced their 2022 township goals at the Dec. 14 board meeting. Each ye 3/8/2022 8:43:41 AM

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