Brothers Allegedly Involved in Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Catch Break from Judge

Judge Michael Stepka of the 86th District Court decreased house arrest and curfew conditions for Wolverine Watchmen defendants Michael and William Null. The brothers are facing charges for their in... [More]

Report Shows Surge in Michigan Suicide Rates and Offers Prevention Strategies

The Michigan Suicide Prevention Commission said prioritizing lowering the suicide rate within the state is crucial in a new report. According to data collected by the commission, someone dies by su... [More]

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Talks Voluntary COVID-19 Restrictions; Vaccines

In her latest press briefing, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued voluntary COVID-19 restrictions as cases and the positivity rate rise but did not order any new restrictions. According to the state's Chi... [More]

Michigan Statewide Tornado Drill Happening Today

Governor Whitmer has proclaimed March 21-27 as Michigan’s Severe Weather Awareness Week. If your TV show unexpectedly turns off and sirens blare throughout the neighborhood today, Wednesday, March 24,... [More]

Michigan Democrats Fight For Stimulus Dollars To Return To Michigan Schools

Michigan House Democrats call on House Legislative Republicans to release a total of 840 million dollars in federal funding back to Michigan schools. Donna Lasinski, Michigan House Democratic Lead... [More]

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