Customers Could Chose to Opt Out of Smart Meters on Homes

Consumers Energy is updating its electric meter technology across service territory for its 1.8 million electric customers as part of a Smart Energy program. They’ve installed more than 1.5 millio... [More]

Trump Supporters Gather for Rally at Lansing State Capitol

Trump supporters gathered at the Lansing State Capitol for one of 41 Make America Great Again rallies happening across the country. Supporters draped in "Make America Great Again" gear stood in front ... [More]

A Fight for Life- Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction has been a trend in the recent months. MSU's Institute of Public Policy and Social Research recognized the demand. "A Fight for Life- Opioid Addiction" was held March 15th in the ... [More]

Michigan Minimum Wage Will Be Over Nine Dollars Next By Year

Michigan is one of many states that has their own minimum wage laws. As of January 1, 2017 Michigan’s minimum wage increased to $8.90. The next scheduled increase will take place in 2018, increasing M... [More]

Water Activist Want To See Clean Affordable Water For All

Buses from Flint and Detroit made their way to Lansing on Wednesday March 22nd for World Water Day. Water Activist gathered at Central United Methodist Church where the Detroit Peoples Water Board... [More]

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