Launch Lansing Trampoline Park Holds Grand Opening

After being open for 30 days, Launch Lansing Trampoline Park held its grand opening on March 23. Normally the special light effects would only be on towards the end of a groups time limit in the pa... [More]

Meridian Township Board Votes on Elevation at Okemos Pointe Brownfield Transfer

Meridian Township Board met March 19 to continue discussing the Elevation at Okemos Pointe Brownfield transfer. The Elevation mixed use project currently consists of 394 dwelling units located on ... [More]

Orthopaedic Rehab Specialist Moves to Okemos

Orthopaedic Rehab Specialist has opened up a new location in Okemos. The business first opened its doors in January, but had it's open house Wednesday evening. Members of the community had the cha... [More]

Community Meeting on Developing Downtown Okemos

The 4 Corners Alliance community group members, interested neighbors and Township residents were invited to learn more about the proposed development at the corners of Okemos and Hamilton Roads. A ... [More]

Zoning Board of Appeals Denies Variance Request at Feb. 27 Meeting

The Meridian Township Zoning Board of Appeals discussed a variance request affecting a lot located along Mizzen Drive in Okemos. Steve and Colleen Sherman applied for a variance from the code of or... [More]

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