Township Board Passes Paramedic Sponsorship

The Meridian Township Board met on Tuesday, July 20th, and discussed the possibility of sponsorship for paramedic training in Meridian Township. The proposed 16 month paramedic program would take ... [More]

Seat Belt Use Compliance Decreases To 92.6 Percent In Michigan

The Michigan State Police Criminal Justice Information Center confirmed that Michigan traffic deaths climbed over 1,000 in 2020, the highest it has been in three years. This is a 10 percent increase f... [More]

Ingham County Announces Clean Slate Initiatives

In a recent press release, Ingham County announced that they would be giving away free copies of court case records for those eligible for expungement, with the help of the Clean Slate program, which ... [More]

CATA Announces New Fixed Route Service

CATA, Capital Area Transportation Authority, held a press conference on July 11 to discuss the new major route implementation. Beginning August 30, the route will bridge Lansing neighborhoods, McL... [More]

Preventing Heat Stroke During Summer Months

The summertime is full of outdoor adventures, and the best way to ensure a successful summer is to stay cautious of hot temperatures. Summer heat can cause dehydration, sun poisoning, heat strokes... [More]

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