Tech Feature: Meridian Township Police's New Mobile Fingerprint Scanner

In March 2019, the Meridian Township Police Department received their first Mobile Fingerprint Scanner which allows them to effectively and accurately identify someone when they are out patrolling and... [More]

Pig Roast Fundraiser Raises Funds for Local Children in Need

On Saturday July 13th, a Pig Roast Fundraiser took place during the Meridian Township Farmers' Market to raise funds for the Mankowski Holiday Party for Kids. The event was open to the public and ... [More]

Pig Roast Fundraiser Being Held to Raise Funds for Local Children in Need

According to the most recent United States Census Bureau data, nearly 5,000 people in Meridian Township live below the poverty level. Retired Meridian Township Police Officer Gayelord Mankowski has be... [More]

Meridian Township Planning Commission Approves New Pedestrian/Bicycle Pathway

At the July 8th Meridian Township Planning Commission meeting, the Meridian Township Parks and Recreation Department requested to work in a flood plain and to fill in a regulated wetland to construct ... [More]

What You Need to Know about Meridian Township's Small Dog Park

Meridian Township Park Naturalist Kelsey Dillon talks about the Small Dog Park and its registration process. It has been ten years for Meridian Township to decide the final location of the Small Do... [More]

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