March is Reading Month

If you've been slacking on your reading this month, you may want to head to your local library, because March is Reading Month and its almost over. There are many options when trying pick out somet... [More]

Open Line: Higher Education in Michigan, At What Cost?

Unpaid student loan debt in the US totals nearly $1.5 trillion. Average debt for a newly minted Bachelor's degree recipient is about $30,000. What is the future of higher education financing and is ... [More]

Local School Districts Are Out of Snow Days

It’s only the second week of February and local school districts have already run out of snow days. The weather throughout mid-Michigan has been so severe that Haslett Public Schools has already ha... [More]

Representative From Michigan Opposes Betsy DeVos' New Title IX Regulations

In recent years, universities across the United States have been under-fire for violating students’ Title IX rights. In August 2018, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos proposed changes to the Title IX... [More]

Two Local School Districts Ranked as the Best in Michigan

Deciding which school district to enroll your child in is a difficult decision for some parents; word-of-mouth is helpful but sometimes opinions are biased. Thanks to Niche – a review site that ranks ... [More]

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