Anastasia Debuts at the Wharton Center for Performing Arts

This week at the Wharton Center the Broadway smash Anastasia has taken over the Cobb Hall Theatre. This show takes us back to the early 1900s where a young girl loses her family in the midst of a Russ... [More]

East Lansing Film Festival Returns to Studio C!

The East Lansing Film Festival is back for it's 21st year, and Studio C! is one of several locations hosting the 8-day event. The film festival is the largest and 2nd oldest film festival in Michig... [More]

Scapegoat Film Private Pre-screening Before Its Worldwide Distribution

Directed by Jeff Kapp, a Michigan-made film launched its private pre-screening at Studio C! On Friday, September 14.  Food, drinks and friends. People come here not just to meet their old friends a... [More]

Wharton's Pasant Theatre Presents 'One Good Day'

A new musical is coming to the Wharton Center's stage,. 'One Good Day is musical that takes from several romantic comedies including 'Sleepless in Seattle,' 'When Harry Met Sally,' and 'You've Got Ma... [More]

the new rule. playing Celebrate Meridian

the new rule. will be performing at Celebrate Meridian 2018. The band specializes in classic and contemporary rock (they also dabble in polka) the new rule. will be playing 3pm until 6pm at Ce... [More]

MAMA TRYD BAND playing Celebrate Meridian

MAMA TRYD BAND will be performing at the Celebrate Meridian event on Saturday, June 30th. The band performs country, blues, and classic rock. Mama Tryd will be playing a 2 hour show starting at noo... [More]

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