Rezoning of Mayberry Homes

Rezoning of Mayberry Homes

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Rezoning #15040 of Mayberry Homes had been up for discussion at the Dec. 8, 2015 regular Township Board meeting as an introduction item.

The rezoning would change the ordinance from RR (Rural Residential) and CR (Commercial Recreation) to RAA (Single Family-Low Density). With a condition limiting the number of residences to no more than one unit per acre.

In December the Board preferred for the pathway to the subdivision west of Powell Road to be installed by the applicant. The developer proposed to keep the wetlands by developing a small number of homes on one acre lots.

It was noted that the developer has been recognized as an environmentally award winning builder and is known for his innovative development in the past. Board members also noted a preference for the property to keep its RR zoning designation and build 17 homes, while allowing for wetland protection, instead of 25 homes under the RAA zoning.

During that roll call vote the motion carried 6-1.

The rezoning was an action item at the Jan. 5 Township Board meeting in the form of a final adoption.

The final adoption was approved 6-1.

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