Haslett Robotics Club Wins Big at World Championships

This month, five teams from the Haslett Robotics Club (HRC) brought home multiple awards from three events at the VEX World Robotics Championships in Dallas, Texas. In the VEX IQ Challenge (VIQC) ... [More]

CATA Holds 50-Year Anniversary Celebration

On May 12, the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) held a 50-year anniversary press conference to celebrate their milestone and look ahead to the next 50 years. Bradley T. Funkhouser, CATA... [More]

Vernal Pools at a Wetland Walk

As part of the Wetland Walk series, community members can gather together to learn about the various wetlands around Meridian Township. This time they got to experience the ever fleeting nature of ver... [More]

Rezoning Request for 2260 Jolly Oak Drive

On April 26, the Meridian Township Board approved the rezoning request for 2260 Jolly Oak Drive. The request would allow Becky Beauchine Kulka, a merchant of diamonds and fine jewelry here in Merid... [More]

Township Board Discusses American Rescue Plan Funding

The Township Board meeting on April 26, 2022 began with a discussion of how to disperse funding from the American Rescue Plan. The ARP was created eighteen months ago and provides financial relief ... [More]

Meridian Township Hires a New Full Time Paramedic/Firefighter

The Meridian Township Board held a meeting on April 26, 2022 where Fire Chief Mike Hamel gave a presentation introducing Timothy Brighton, a new full time paramedic and firefighter for the Township. ... [More]

Village of Okemos Township Board Public Hearing

On April 26, a public hearing was held at the the Township Board meeting for the community to discuss development plans for the Village of Okemos. During the public hearing, two residents stepped u... [More]

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