McCurdy Rezoning Approved

McCurdy Rezoning Approved

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The McCurdy family owns pigmy goats, unfortunately their property wasn't properly zoned. Luckily, that's about to change.

After months of discussion the Meridian Township Board voted to officially rezone the McCurdy property so they would be allowed to keep their goats. The rezoning passed six to zero.

This decision was met with overwhelming support from the public.

The property will be rezoned from RA to RR (Rural Residential). This is considered an enhancement to the Township as a whole.

The Board didn't go into in depth detail regarding the reasons they chose to rezone the property, partially because the topic has been discussed in many previous meetings.

It's believed that the pigmy goats will add to the rural quality of the area and that they will be appreciated both by citizens who drive by, and community members who use the adjacent inter-urban pathway.

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