Catching Up with Kenize

Catching Up with Kenize

We are launching a new Friday segment titled, 'Catching Up with Kenize,' hosted by Mackenize Dekker. This show will aim to highlight the various events and activities Meridian Township has to offer.

On this episode of Catching Up with Kenize, Mackenize attends Christmas in the Village at the Meridian Historical Village. She briefly speaks with Holly Cordill, the Executive Director of the Friends of Historical Meridian on what to expect during the event. Mackenize also spoke with Brad Brogren, the President of the Friends of Historical Meridian. This episode will also show a glimpse of the traditional tree lighting in the village!

'Catching Up with Kenize' Pilot Episode

The first episode of ‘Catching Up with Kenize’ is here! On today’s episode, Kenize introduces High Caliber Karting and Entertainment, and does an exclusive interview with Master of Mischief, Jack 12/2/2022 2:26:35 PM

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