Costco Development Rezoning Delayed

Costco Development Rezoning Delayed

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Many residents wrote letters to the Meridian Township Board in support of retailer Costco Wholesale developing the 66 acre site of the former Four Winds Golf Course on the corner of Park Lake Road and Saginaw Highway.

The site is located within the confines of East Lansing, although Meridian Township has partial oversight of the zoning. Prior to 2001 the property was in Meridian Township. The City of East Lansing annexed the property through Public Act 108, commonly referred to as the Urban Cooperation Agreement (UCA). The UCA does include a tax sharing component that benefits Meridian Township. In 2001 both communities memorialized an agreement depicting the boundaries of future development.

The Township is now being asked to amend the agreement to rezone the area to B-2 retail sales business district to allow for the development of a large retail store.

At the June 7th Township Board meeting, Trustees stated that there will be a couple more weeks before a decision will be made on the rezoning.

Trustee, Ron Styka stated, "East Lansing can only come to an agreement if they kinda know whether Costco is going to accept what it is that we're going to agree with."

Both East Lansing and Meridian Township will have to agree upon the rezoning. The attorneys for the Township and East Lansing are working on the changes to the agreement.

Right now the closest Costco Wholesale is located in Brighton, MI, and for that reason, many shoppers are hoping for the request to be approved. The only problem is the price it will cost.

"We will have to do something about expanding that (road) to accommodate Costco. Costco should be paying that neither one of the local units of government should have to pay for that," stated Trustee Milton L. Scales.

It was standing room only at the neighborhood meeting Costco representatives held on June 2nd to encourage resident feedback on the potential development. While most people are in support, some residents are concerned about traffic and possible disruptions they will have with a large retailer in their "backyard".

Costco plans to have a building permit ready to submit by December 31st in order to build on the property.

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