The City of Lansing Steps Up to Help Victims of Harvey

After the extreme damage Hurricane Harvey caused in Texas, the City of Lansing stepped up to help the victims of this storm. The hurricane ripped its way through Texas, leaving many without a home... [More]

Three Key Goals for the 2018 Recommended Budget

The 2018 Recommended Budget was presented at the September 5 Township Board meeting. Township Manager Frank Walsh stressed three major goals: To eliminate the pension problem, with 100 percent funding... [More]

Meridian Township Police Hire New Staff

Meridian Township Police Department welcomed two recently sworn in officers on Monday. Several members of the Township were in attendance of the Swearing-In Ceremony including Trustee Patricia Herring... [More]

Marihuana Regulation In Meridian Township

On Tuesday, August 21st, the Township Board held a study session meeting discussing the topic of whether Medical Marihuana should be allotted and regulated within the township. After a long deliber... [More]

Local Road Projects To Be Completed This Month

Every year Meridian Township does about $700,000 worth of local road maintenance. Meridian Township residents have probably noticed that the 2017 projects are now underway. The road construction is... [More]

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