Meridian's Elected Officials are Sworn-In For Another Term

The newly elected officials for Meridian Township's Park Commission and Township Board were sworn-in to their new office on Friday, Nov. 20 over Zoom. This includes the Township's Trustees, Clerk, Tre... [More]

Update on the Harris Nature Center Foundation Projects

HOMTV visited the Harris Nature Center to speak with the Park and Land Preservation Superintendent Kati Adams about the progress of the Foundation Projects. The Foundation supports projects traditi... [More]

Editorial: The Interns Have It

On Tuesday, November 3rd HOMTV hosted Your Choice 2020 General Election Night Coverage. This is one of HOMTV’s most anticipated live productions. The show lasted two hours and was comprised of candida... [More]

Amber Clark on Her New Role with Meridian Township

After two years of working in Jackson, Amber Clark has returned to Meridian Township to serve as the Neighborhood and Economic Development Director. Clark is a Michigan State University Alum with a... [More]

Veterans Day Tributes and Job Opportunities In Michigan

Veterans Day is being honored throughout the Greater Lansing Area this year through many different tributes and initiatives. Some of the initiatives being introduced include new benefits and opport... [More]

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