HOMTV Airs Bilingual Newscast Translated in Mandarin

In order to better serve the diverse cultures in the community, HOMTV looks for new ways to accommodate a more inclusive audience. This year, HOMTV is incorporating bilingual programming including a M... [More]

Meridian Township Board Votes on Copper Creek Development

Plans to continue developing Copper Creek are scheduled to move forward after the February 5th Meridian Township Board meeting. The Board voted unanimously to progress the development project afte... [More]

Local Road Millage Discussion Begins for Township Board

Roads have been bad in Meridian Township and it appears they will get worse through the winter. When the majority of roads in Meridian will be in excellent condition no one knows. Consumers aren't... [More]

More Than 200 Drunk Drivers Arrested During Crackdown

More than 200 were arrested for drunk driving during the end-of-the-year holiday crackdown. Officers from nearly 100 police departments, sheriff s offices and Michigan State Police posts increased pat... [More]

Meridian Celebrates New Park Pavilion

On Saturday February 2, Meridian Township held a ribbon cutting ceremony with 200 in attendance to celebrate the dedication of a new park pavilion at North Meridian Road Park. North Meridian Road P... [More]

With Freezing Rain and Snow on the Way, Here's How You Can Stay Safe

If you thought spring was coming early because the groundhog didn't see his shadow, bundle up because winter isn't over yet. According to the National Weather Service, snow showers, freezing rain a... [More]

Citizen Survey Results Released for Meridian Township

The results of the latest National Citizen Survey (NCS) was presented at the February 5 Meridian Township Board meeting. The NCS report is about the "livability" of Meridian Township. It measures ... [More]

Resolution Approving Interlocal Tax Sharing Agreements Passes

On February 5, the Township Board passed a resolution 5-1, approving interlocal tax sharing agreements. The resolution is being passed to lessen the impact of taxing entities on the Downtown Deve... [More]

Medical Marihuana Non-Zoning Ordinance Discussed at Township Board Meeting

During the Meridian Township Board meeting on February 5th, the Board addressed concerns and final adoptions for the Medical Marihuana Non-Zoning Ordinance first introduced in August 2018. Majorit... [More]

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