What You Need to Know About Driving With School Buses

The first day of school is approaching and with it comes the reappearance of school buses. Sharing the road with school buses means being prepared to stop and watching out for children crossing th... [More]

Back to School Shopping

Summer is coming to an end. That means it is time to go back to school, and back to the store to buy school supplies. Whether itís notebooks, binders, or even backpacks, the school supply list can see... [More]

Residents Head To The Polls To Vote On Police and Fire Protection Millage

August 8th is Election Day and the fate of the proposed Police an Fire protection Millage in Meridian Township will be decided. So far Meridian Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus said as of last week th... [More]

New Authority In Meridian

The Township officially has its own Brownfield Redevelopment Authority. This Authority will handle brownfield requests to rebuild contaminated areas in the Township. With Brownfield requests, deve... [More]

CATA Looking To Hire New CEO

Communicative, transparent and organized. Those are just a few of the qualities local residents use to describe an ideal leader, which in this case could be their future CATA CEO. CATA - the Capital A... [More]

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