Deborah Guthrie
Communications Director
Brandie Yates
Executive Producer/Communications Specialist
Roy Kellerman
Studio/TV Production Manager
Ben Makulski
Video Programmer
Andrea Smiley
Administrative Assistant II
Erin Cornett
Social Media Specialist
Lynn Meikle
Freelance Graphic Designer
Roya Burton
Reporter Junior
Adriana Cotero
Reporter Junior
Caitlin DeLuca
Reporter Rookie
Brittany Flowers
Reporter Junior
Gabriella Galloway
Reporter Junior
Deja Green
Reporter Rookie
Raquel Harrington
Reporter Junior
Ta'Niyah Jordan
Reporter Special Assignment
Shannon Kelly
Reporter Rookie
Camille McCombs
Reporter Junior
Kaitlin Petrillo
Reporter Rookie
Maya Sanches
Reporter Paid Intern
Rachael Schuit
Reporter Junior
Sierra Searcy
Reporter Rookie
Jasmine Watts
Reporter Rookie
Mandy MacPherson
Studio Production Paid Intern
Gabriella Timmis
Studio Production Rookie
Amber Woods
Studio Production Rookie
Jamie Chiu
Creative Production Freelancer
J Case Lamphere
Creative Production Special Assignment
Jordan McGowen
Creative Production Paid Intern
Chloe Reynolds
Social Media & Promotion Rookie
Kelsey Trotter
Social Media & Promotion Junior
Kendall Westfield
Creative Production Rookie

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