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Township Board Discusses Vacant Property Ordinance

The Meridian Township Board discussed creating a vacant property ordinance at their meeting on July ...[More]

Meridian Township Snow Removal Ordinance Will Be Enforced All Season Long

It's time to put away those rakes and pull out your shovels. With the first big snow fall of the yea...[More]

Medical Marihuana Final Adoption

The medical marihuana zoning amendment was further discussed at the recent Meridian Township Board m...[More]

Zoning Amendment for Medical Marihuana Might Be Coming to Meridian Township

Medical Marihuana has come to the Board's attention more than once according to Trustee Ronald Styka...[More]

Detroit Frankie's is the First Mobile Food Vendor in Meridian Township Under New Ordinance

Peter Menser, Associate Planner for Meridian Township said that Meridian Township adopted a mobile f...[More]

Gas Franchise Ordinance in Front of Township Board

At Tuesday's Township Board Meeting, Consumers Energy presented a draft of the gas franchise ordinan...[More]

Board votes 5 to 1 on Street Tree Ordinance

At a recent Township board meeting. The board voted yes on the street tree ordinance. The ordina...[More]

Street Tree Ordinance Being Discussed by Meridian Township Board

The Street Tree Ordinance has been an ongoing topic for the Meridian Township Board members. On Febr...[More]

Planning Commission Denies Medical Marihuana Use in Township

The Meridian Township Planning Commission continued their discussion on medical marihuana at their S...[More]

Medical Marihuana Recommendation for Township Discussed at Planning Commission Meeting

At this week's Planning Commission, the Commission considered the legality of the location of where ...[More]

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