Board Makes Little Progress with Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Board Makes Little Progress with Medical Marijuana Ordinance

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On the heels of the November 6th ballot which includes a ballot proposal for recreational marijuana, the Meridian Township Board struggles to make headway about what the growth, sale, and use of medical marijuana will look like in the Township.

With the same goal in mind, the Board discussed a cap for the amount of marijuana centers and facilities need to for medical marijuana that could locate in the Township.

"The goal is to serve our citizens," Township Supervisor Ronald J. Styka said.

Clerk Brett Dreyfus doesn't believe the cap is necessary based on the zoning areas discussed.

"A lot of these are already occupied sites so it's going to be difficult to get, realistically, maybe one or more in any of these locations."

The Board was adamant about creating zoning areas for medical marijuana that are at least 500 feet away from churches and 1,000 feet away from schools.

Trustee Dan Opsommer believes the Township should cap the amount of facilities at 6, leaving more than enough opportunity for companies to enter the community.

Fully aware multiple companies will apply to locate their marijuana center in the Township, a process to select which would be best for the Township was suggested. This included first come, first serve, a lottery system and a comparative review.

This ordinance will be discussed again at the next township Board meeting on September 18th.

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