Township Board Discusses Vacant Property Ordinance

Township Board Discusses Vacant Property Ordinance

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Board discussed creating a vacant property ordinance at their meeting on July 6th.

The goal of a future vacant property ordinance is to establish and identify abandon and vacant properties within the municipality.

Currently, there are 20 homes that have been identified as vacant properties in Meridian Township.

These homes and past properties have been identified to the township through either citizens calling to complain or a staff member noticing the lack of property care.

With the establishment of a vacant property ordinance in place, the township hopes to construct a more concise way to identify potential abandoned properties.

"One of the reasons I continue to support the adoption of a vacant property ordinance because of the negative impact the homes can have on our neighborhoods. The reason we have an impact is primarily tall grass, failure to remove snow, junk or trash to collect in these areas, possibility for people to come in and live in these areas without any utilities, and animals can get in," said Township Treasurer Julie Brixie. "It can really make a pretty negative toll on a neighborhood if you lived by one."

East Lansing adopted an abandoned property registration ordinance back in 2013 and the township will be using that ordinance as a guideline to construct a draft of one specific to the Township.

The Board plans on discussing a possible ordinance at future meetings.

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