New Ordinance Presented at Environmental Commission Meeting

New Ordinance Presented at Environmental Commission Meeting

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the Environmental Commission meeting on Wednesday, April 4th the meeting started out with a Green Themes Presentation.

Rebecca Esselman, Watershed Planner at Huron River Watershed Council, spoke on the dangers of a coal-tar-based pavement sealcoat on the environment. These sealers can age causing it to wear into small particles of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. PAH is dangerous and resistant to environmental degradation.

Esselman said that there are safer options that are less harmful to the environment. Esselman mentioned in her demonstration how coal-tar based sealcoats increase the risks of cancer.

Esselman proposed an ordinance at the meeting to prohibit high PAH sealants like, coal tar. The purpose of this ordinance is to protect, restore, and preserve the quality of the waters and the health of the residents. Esselman has also talked to East Lansing about passing this ordinance.

The Environmental Commission decided to wait to vote on the ordinance until they do further research on the issue.

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