Township Board Decides to Table the Medical Marihuana Non-Zoning Ordinance

Township Board Decides to Table the Medical Marihuana Non-Zoning Ordinance

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At its March 5 meeting, the Meridian Township Board further discussed an Introduction to the Medical Marihuana Non-Zoning Ordinance.

Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus felt the Board has discussed this topic repeatedly and extensively at the last couple of meetings, and therefore thinks that a resolution should be approved for this introduction amendment to include an initial application fee of 5,000.

However, Trustee Patricia Herring Jackson opposed this issue until the Planning Commission gets involved. When asked by Treasurer Phil Deschaine about any reason whether passing this ordinance will prohibit them from working with the Planning Commission next week, she addressed concerns by the Planning Commission regarding the number of facilities being approved and relationships to land use issues in the zoning portion of this ordinance.

Trustee Jackson concluded by saying. "I personally don't see any reason that we have to rush to complete this before having that full discussion with the Planning Commission."

In the end, the Board voted 6 to 1 to table the Zoning Ordinance Introduction until the Board talks with the Planning Commission for final adoption.

The Township Board will be having a joint meeting with the Planning Commission next Tuesday, March 12 at 6 pm to get a better understanding of plans moving forward with the final adoption of this Non-Zoning Ordinance.

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