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Fire Prevention Week Kicks Off at the Central Fire Station

The Meridian Township Fire Department hosted their annual Fire Prevention Open House at the Central ...[More]

Bike Repair Station at the Marketplace on the Green

The Marketplace on the Green pavilion officially opened in October 2020. It serves as the location f...[More]

Haslett Marathon Gas Station Demolition and Reconstruction Approved

The Meridian Township Board approved the brownfield plan on July 7th to finance the razing and reb...[More]

Zoning Board of Appeals Upholds the Redevelopment of Haslett Marathon Station

At the Meridian Township Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on May 23, 2018, the owners of Shop Town LL...[More]

Township Board Approves Haslett Marathon Gas Station Redevelopment

After much deliberation the Township Board approved the Haslett Marathon gas station redevelopment b...[More]

Marathon Gas Station in Haslett Could See Changes

At the May 16th Township Board meeting, the Board discussed an application to demolish and reconstru...[More]

Let's Take A Stroll Through The New Central Fire Station

After years of planning and finally building, the new Central Fire Station in Meridian Township is f...[More]

Brand New Enhancements Installed At The New Central Fire Station

With the new Central Fire Station finally up and running, there are many new additions that have bee...[More]

New Kroger Gas Station

Thanks to the new Kroger gas station, Meridian shoppers can now fill their trunks and their tanks. T...[More]

HOMTV LIVE Coverage of New Central Fire Station Ribbon Cutting in Meridian Township

Meridian Township will be cutting the ribbon and celebrating the grand opening of the new Central Fi...[More]

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