New Kroger Gas Station

New Kroger Gas Station

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Thanks to the new Kroger gas station, Meridian shoppers can now fill their trunks and their tanks. The new addition to Meridian’s fueling options is located at 1800 Newman Road. The gas station satellites the Kroger at 4884 Marsh Road and features 14 pumps and a kiosk.

In April of 2015, the Meridian Township Panning Commission approved a permit for the new station. The permit issued will be valid for a full two years.

The Special Issue Permit did come with a few conditions. The commission mandated that a double row of trees had to be planted on the east side of the property. Another single row of trees had to be planted on the west side. The trees help to isolate the property from the street, the parking lot and the other adjacent properties.

The gas station opens a half an hour after the Kroger store opens, and closes a half an hour before the store closes. Kroger’s regular hours of operation are from 6 am to Midnight daily.

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