Marathon Gas Station in Haslett Could See Changes

Marathon Gas Station in Haslett Could See Changes

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the May 16th Township Board meeting, the Board discussed an application to demolish and reconstruct a gas station. The Marathon Gas Station is located at 1619 Haslett Rd.

There were many waivers requested to change the existing gas station; including waivers for additional signage and setbacks. The applicant is asking for a 40 ft. setback from Haslett Rd. where the requirement is 100 ft.

In the original proposal, there were amenities such as an electric car charging station. The new proposal eliminated the charging station and added an outdoor seating area for an amenity. The new proposal also requests a larger convenience store area.

Trustee Dan Opsommer says he likes the green-space that the new proposal suggests. He says that the new layout creates walkability with less curb cuts.

However, other Board members were not in agreement.

"This is turning this into a convenience store with gasoline as side business," said Clerk Brett Dreyfus, who admitted he liked the station just as it is.

"Its contradictory to the green values of Meridian Township. There's an imposing structure close to road, all waivers for landscaping is completely contrary to Meridian Township and nobody is going to sit outside in front of a convenience store, that's not an amenity," Dreyfus said.

Trustee Kathy Ann Sundland says it was the amount of waivers needed that concerned her and the size of the store was a problem she's heard a lot being brought up by the community.

The applicant's representative said he will speak with the applicant and see which proposal they will bring back to the Board at a future meeting.

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