Township Board Approves Haslett Marathon Gas Station Redevelopment

Township Board Approves Haslett Marathon Gas Station Redevelopment

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - After much deliberation the Township Board approved the Haslett Marathon gas station redevelopment by a vote of 5-2 at the June 6th Township Board meeting. The Haslett Marathon gas station is located at 1619 Haslett Road.

The decision to approve the gas station came after reviewing a revision to the initial site plan submitted by the applicant Robert Saroki. The changes to the site plan were based on comments from the Board and discussions with staff at the May 16th Township Board meeting.

The revision included a decrease in the overall size of the building, proposed parallel parking spots will now be replaced by landscaping and a reduction in the size of the height of the freestanding sign.

Township Treasurer Julie Brixie who is in support of the reconstruction says, "I'm looking forward for the transformation of the four corners of Haslett."

Four feet of green area between the curb and a seven foot pathway on Haslett Road was also included in the revised site plan. Which some Board members previously expressed concern about not having.

Trustee Patricia Herring Jackson who is also in support of the reconstruction says, "create an environment that is different from now with buildings that are walkable."

However, other Board members were not in agreement.

Clerk Brett Dreyfus describes it as an attempt to turn an existing gas station into a large convenience store.

"It should be a healthy grocery store," said Trustee Phill Deschaine.

After the initial vote 4-3 in favor of the amendments, the motion to approve the plan with the stipulations laid out including the amendments the project passed 5-2. After the meeting, Board member Patricia Herring Jackson stated that she is pleased with the outcome.

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