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Update: Meridian Township Fire Department Modifies Burn Ban

The Meridian Township Fire Department originally issued a burn ban that went into effect on Saturday...[More]

Annual Prescribe Burn Notice with Ingham County Drain Office

The Ingham County Drain Office conducted their annual controlled prescribed burning on Wednesday, Ap...[More]

Summer Story: Sunburn & Skin Cancer Prevention/Safety

The summer season calls for plenty of enjoyment, but also high temperatures and lots of sun. If peop...[More]

Firefighters Burn Muscle With Hustle

The Meridian Township Fire Department held a two-day training session testing their physical abiliti...[More]

Controlled Burn in Towar Gardens Neighborhood

On April 30th, the Ingham County Drain Commissioner's Office conducted a controlled burn of the rain...[More]

Dry Conditions Lead to Township Burning Ban

On Monday June 27th Meridian Township was placed under a burning ban after no rain led to dry condit...[More]

Consumer Fireworks Added to Burning Ban; Meridian Fireworks Celebration Postponed to New Year's Eve

"In the best interest of preserving our parks, property and safety of our residents it is the respon...[More]

Summer, Sun, Sunburn, OH MY!

Now that summer has officially arrived, it is time to take caution and protect your skin. Skin prote...[More]

Specifications for a Burning Permit

For those looking to have a nice recreational bonfire, there are steps you need to take to make sure...[More]

Controlled burns performed throughout the the Towar Gardens

Each Spring areas of old dead thatch are restored throughout Meridian Township in a very interesting...[More]

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