Specifications for a Burning Permit

Specifications for a Burning Permit

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - For those looking to have a nice recreational bonfire, there are steps you need to take to make sure it’s safe.

A barbecue pit must be at least one foot deep with a recommended 3 foot diameter. All vegetation and combustibles must be kept 2 feet away from the pit and it also must be on your own property 25 feet away from any structure.

“That is for cut, seasoned, firewood only," said Meridian Township Fire Inspector Tavis Millerov. "It’s not for your grass clippings, it's not for your leaves, it's not for your twigs around your yard.”

A rural residential burning permit for leaves and debris is a separate process, and you must have at least one acre of land. A barbecue pit permit has no cost, and will last until April 30 of the following year.

Additional Resources
You can register for a BBQ pit permit online here http://bit.ly/1ifxcc6.

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