Annual Prescribe Burn Notice with Ingham County Drain Office

 Annual Prescribe Burn Notice with Ingham County Drain Office

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP,MI - The Ingham County Drain Office conducted their annual controlled prescribed burning on Wednesday, April 14th. The prescribed burning began at noon and ended at 4 pm, located at 6166 Pollard Ave. The Ingram County Drain partnered with David Borneman, LLC and the Meridian Township Fire Department was also present on the scene. The department has established its annual burning throughout the beginning of spring every year.

According to, prescribed burning is used for site preparation purposes and forest maintenance. This year, the Drain Commissioner’s Office sends out annual online notices on the Meridian Township website to let their residents know where these specific burnings will be located and the safety procedures that will be followed. During the spring and summer of 2020, there was a delay with annual burning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this year the annual burning continues with all workers following the State and County public health guidance for COVID-19.

David Bornemann, the business owner of LLC David Borneman discussed how important the burning is for the environment.

“For a thousand years, Native Americans have been burning these lands, whether it be in Michigan or just the oak wood and things. The burns I was doing back in Lansing was due to the rain garden that they planted with those native species that will really drive from the burning. We do this during the dormant session, and it burns off the dead vegetation and blackens the soil. And put the nutrition back in and really help those native plants thrive," said Borneman.

Overall, there were no property damages to residents’ area in the community from the burning itself. For additional information or questions, please contact Ingham County Drain Engineer Angie Cosman at 517.719.5431

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