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Highlights From The Township 2021 Semi-Annual Report Presentation

Township Manager Frank Walsh gave his semi-annual report to the Township Board at the meeting on Aug...[More]

Meridian Township Houses Light Up the Community on New Holiday Lights Map

A holiday lights map launched in Meridian Township to identify the locations of houses lighting up t...[More]

Report Highlights Progress on Racial Disparities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Michigan Coronavirus Task Force on Racial Disparities released an interim report highlighting th...[More]

Township Moves Forward with Sierra Ridge Streetlights Project

A public hearing regarding the Sierra Ridge Streetlights Special Assessment District project was sch...[More]

Newton Pointe LLC Highlights Last Planning Commission

At the Meridian Township Planning Commission meeting on November 26, the Commission discussed some u...[More]

Meridian Township Flipping Switch On for LED Lights

Meridian Township is in the process of switching to LED lights. Recycling and Energy Coordinator...[More]

Kinawa Drive Could Be Made Safer for Pedestrians By Adding Flashing Lights

Kinawa Drive safety was discussed at the April 21st Township Board meeting. Police Chief Hall sa...[More]

Okemos Road Streetlights Are Working Again; But is This Fix Permanent?

Okemos Road is looking a little different at night recently, as the streetlights that were installed...[More]

What Those Flashing Lights Really Mean

Have you ever seen a flashing light that was not the stoplight? And did you think it was a camera ta...[More]

LED Streetlights Come to Okemos Road

Nights on Okemos Road are going to be a little brighter. During the Township Board meeting on Apr...[More]

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