Newton Pointe LLC Highlights Last Planning Commission

Newton Pointe LLC Highlights Last Planning Commission

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the Meridian Township Planning Commission meeting on November 26, the Commission discussed some unfinished business regarding Newton Pointe LLC.

After the public hearing on November 5, some changes of this plan have been made. The number of parking spaces, parking lot setbacks, wall signs, freestanding signs and the wetland setbacks are featured on this case.

"We're proposing a 4-5 foot burm all along, with pine trees staggered, and that would be 8-10 ft tall trees all along that border," a representative of Newton Pointe LLC said during the meeting.

The Commission will consider all of the applicant's request on this unfinished business, and will be brought up one final time at the next planning commission meeting on December 10th.

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