Meridian Township Houses Light Up the Community on New Holiday Lights Map

Meridian Township Houses Light Up the Community on New Holiday Lights Map

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - A holiday lights map launched in Meridian Township to identify the locations of houses lighting up the community.

The map idea for Meridian came after members of the Haslett Facebook group noticed Saint Johns holiday lights map. Their map was originally designed four years ago as a tool for people to vote on the best house lights display during the Saint Johns’ Annual Lights Festival.

“We developed that map basically as a tool for us to know where the houses were decorated here in Saint Johns,” said New Look Computer and Data’s, Jason Denovich. “It was mainly for us and then it was pretty useful because people could just pop the map open and then drive around and see where all the houses were decorated at.”

Although the map has been a tradition in Saint Johns, this year is the first year Meridian Township has its own map. Denovich created the map at no cost and has made other communities around Saint Johns their own maps as well.

“When the other towns reached out to me and said they would like it, my first thought was well when I want to take my kids to another town and drive around it’d be great if I had another map,” said Denovich. “I’m a big community guy and so anytime anybody’s willing to help their community do anything, we always want to help.”

For anyone who wants to add their house to the map or see the map of decorated houses in Meridian Township or any of the other community maps, the maps are available through a link posted on

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