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HOMTV to Begin Filming General Election Coverage

HOMTV is back with Your Choice 2022 General Election Coverage. HOMTV's Candidate Interview series of...[More]

East Lansing Film Festival Returns to Studio C!

The East Lansing Film Festival is back for it's 21st year, and Studio C! is one of several locations...[More]

Scapegoat Film Private Pre-screening Before Its Worldwide Distribution

Directed by Jeff Kapp, a Michigan-made film launched its private pre-screening at Studio C! On Frida...[More]

Capital City Film Festival Enters Sixth Year

Six years ago, three Lansing-area filmmakers were inspired to create their own film festival for the...[More]

Meridian Senior Center and East Lansing Prime Time Presented a Sweet Documentary Film Called "Age of Love"

The Meridian Senior Center and East Lansing Prime Time hosted a special event of watching “Age of Lo...[More]

MSU Student Filmmakers

Michigan State University is home to thousands of students, but today, the spotlight shines on two i...[More]

MSU Basketball Player Writes and Directs Short Film About Life After Leaving the Game

There was a large turn out for the premiere of "The Cager," a short film that Michigan State Univers...[More]

East Lansing Film Festival Celebrates Its 16th Year

The East Lansing Film Festival will screen more than 70 films including box office blockbusters, fil...[More]

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