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Local Businesses Participate in Energy Audits

Businesses in the area are looking to save some green by going green, and local organizations are he...[More]

Launch of the Regional Energy Baseline Study

Michigan Energy Options (MEO) and Meridian Township announced the formal launch of the Regional Ener...[More]

Delayed Energy Assistance for Local Homeowners

A new law that recently passed said the state would only help residents with utilities between the m...[More]

Cold Weather Energy Conservation

Winter comfort is dependent on being prepared. Checking things around your home not only saves you m...[More]

Harris Nature Center Solar Panels

The Harris Nature Center has made improvements to save energy and demonstrate "green" energy options...[More]

Extreme Energy Homes

Find out how people are sustaining energy through their homes....[More]

Michigan's Energy Future

A public forum was held on February 14, 2013 as part of Governor Snyder’s special message on energy ...[More]

Health Effects of Energy Drinks

Studies show you may not know what is in a popular drink you may have been drinking. More on Meridi...[More]

State Proposal 3: Renewable Energy

Meridian Magazine is your source for all you need to know about proposal three....[More]

Solar Homes

Solar systems are an new innovative way to produce your home's electricity. ...[More]

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