Save Money And Energy While Keeping Cool This Summer

Save Money And Energy While Keeping Cool This Summer

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Summer has officially arrived. With temperatures starting to heat things up you may find yourself battling to stay cool while remaining energy efficient.

Home Depot located on Newman Road in Okemos shared some advice when it comes to cooling down your home.

If you don't already have air conditioning unit in your home, Home Depot offers window and portable air conditioning units for purchase. No matter what kind of AC Unit you have, Kitchen, Bath & Appliances Department Supervisor, Todd Johnson said, "A temperature of 72 agrees in heat is different than 72 degree in air conditioning. Part of an air conditioning systems is designed to remove moisture from the air, that makes the air cooler, just by removing the moister, so even an dehumidifier would help in that fashion."

A ceiling fan is an option for people who do not have AC or would like to run it less in their homes.

Electrical Department Supervisor Brent Kyriakou said running a ceiling fan on a low setting all day will help circulate air and, "Actually takes up less energy than a standard 60-watt incandescent light bulb."

The right blinds can also make a difference in keeping you're home cool. Kyriakou said Home Depot offers, "Solar and roller shades that will help cut down on the UV rays; it will not cut down on the amount of light that comes in but it will cut down on the amount of heat and radiation that comes through the blinds."

While these options may or may not be something to consider, it could be helpful to contact your local energy provider. Consumers Energy is one provider in Meridian Township and they offer a Home Analysis Program focused on helping residents save energy.

Fall seems to be a time when residents more frequently request a home analysis, but Outreach Coordinator Darlene Kusterer said, "There's a tremendous value in participating in our program during the summer months and a lot of people are unaware of that . Just by knowing what's going on and how the energy is being used can help in so many ways."

Residents can schedule the home analysis based on what is most convenient for their schedule.

During the analysis Kusterer said, "Thee analysis comes in, he, he or she comes into the home. He will do a walk through, access the house how is your energy being used; gives you all kinds of information on you house and they doesn't just stop there. We also install energy efficiency products into the home."

Consumers says they money you can save by becoming more energy efficient varies from house to house, but on average there's and estimated savings of $100-$150 after the first year.

Currently, Consumers Energy is waving the $25 assessment fee for the program. Interested residents can schedule their appointment by phone by calling 888-316-8014 or by visiting

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