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Meridian Township Pursues Landfill Gas Collection

Throughout the state, several landfills have been outfitted with equipment that captures gases relea...[More]

Water Wonderland Chorus Welcomed their New Members at the Event Called "A Cappella Boot Camp"

"A Cappella Boot Camp" took place on October 27th, at the Okemos Community Church building. It was a...[More]

Environmental Commission Approves Wetland Use Permit

The Meridian Township Environmental Commission discussed a Wetland Use Permit in their short meeting...[More]

Meet the Water Wonderland Chorus

The Water Wonderland Chorus is a Sweet Adelines International singing group. Sweet Adelines is an or...[More]

Meridian Township Residents Have the Opportunity to Add Their Touch to The Land Preserves

Meridian Township has over 750 acres of land preserves, and they want to give some of them a new nam...[More]

Composting Food Waste Could Replace The Use Of Landfills

Land fills are becoming a growing problem. They release methane into the air and take up space. Loca...[More]

2nd Annual Landing Blitz Raises Invasive Species Awareness

As part of Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Week, the Michigan DEQ has sponsored the second annual...[More]

Beware of Wetlands Before You Build

Summer is a popular time to renovate your basement or kitchen, but before you visit the hardware sto...[More]

Taking a Stroll Through Central Meridian Uplands Preserve

On June 10th the Meridian Township Land Preservation Advisory Board members took a site tour through...[More]

Sparrow That Calls Davis-Foster Land Preserve Home Is Endangered

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the Henslow’s Sparrow is a statewide enda...[More]

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