Beware of Wetlands Before You Build

Beware of Wetlands Before You Build

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Summer is a popular time to renovate your basement or kitchen, but before you visit the hardware store be aware of the building codes. One important code is building on wetlands, which requires a forty-foot buffer away from any wetlands or floodplains.

"We have to remember Meridian Township has a lot of unbuilt areas because they're wet and they're low ground. So a critical area not only in our community but across the nation to take care of," said Richard Bolek, Meridian Township Building Inspector.

As a Meridian resident, if you plan to add, change or demolish anything on your property you must apply for a permit, especially projects that take place at or near floodplains

Meridian Township will assist you in making sure that your project complies with the necessary requirements. If you have any questions regarding the eligibility of your project you can call The Department of Public Works & Engineering, 517-853-4440, or the Department of Community Planning & Development.

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