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Meridian Township to Hold 4th Annual Managed Deer Hunt

The Meridian Township Parks and Recreation Department is gearing up for its fourth annual managed de...[More]

2014 Deer Management Program in Meridian Township Being Discussed

On August 19th, the Township Board will vote on approving the fourth year of the Managed Deer Harves...[More]

2013 Deer Management Numbers Reported

At the last Township Board meeting, the board discussed the 2013 deer management program and a summa...[More]

Deer Harvest Results So Far in Meridian Township

This season, Meridian Township has harvested 104 deer. There are still a few more weeks until the cl...[More]

Venison from the Deer Harvest is Being Used to Feed the Hungry

In addition to reducing the overpopulation of deer, the Meridian Township Deer Management Program is...[More]

Deer Vehicle Collision Numbers Remain Consistent in Meridian Township

So far, Meridian Township has received 102 reported deer and car collisions this year. A managed dee...[More]

2013 Deer Harvest Begins

The 2013 deer harvest is well on its way with 21 deer harvested as of October 7th. Due to an exc...[More]

Watch Out for Deer

Car deer accidents rise in the autumn due to the rut and the movement to avoid hunters. The farmers ...[More]

Deer Management Program Returns to Meridian Township

For the third consecutive year, Meridian Township hunters will be clearing out local deer. Two y...[More]

A Solution to the Rising Deer Population

This upcoming fall will mark the third year of the deer management program. The program started by t...[More]

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