2013 Deer Management Numbers Reported

2013 Deer Management Numbers Reported

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the last Township Board meeting, the board discussed the 2013 deer management program and a summary report was given.

The report revealed the number of deer harvested increased from 90 deer in 2012 to 127 deer in 2013.

Consequently, the number of venison donated increased as well. A total of 1,300 pounds of venison was donated to local food banks this year.

However, the number of accidents caused by deer have gone up.

Jane Greenway, Meridian Township's Parks & Land Management Coordinator said, "but I just want to say, overall, we had another great year. A lot of positive comments. Again, people calling and saying I see fewer deer and they're not necessarily in areas that we were even hunting. And then other reports where people are saying there's these nine deer living in my backyard."

The Ingham County Parks Department will meet Monday, January 27 to discuss how the deer management program went in the newly added county properties and make goals for next year.

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