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Car Sales Improving

With July zooming past, car sales have been reported and according to USA TODAY it has been one of t...[More]

Moving Out: Housing Sales in Meridian Township

"I’ve got to preface things by telling you this comes out it’s a happy story, because we’re back in ...[More]

Okemos Public Schools Land Sale

Okemos School Board received an unsolicited offer to purchase some land on Sandhill Road....[More]

Used Book Sale

How many books do you think you can get for $20 at the Friends of the Haslett Book Sale?...[More]

Senior Center Rummage Sale

The senior center hosted the third annual rummage sale, but this year it went on for two days....[More]

Haslett Community Yard Sale

Tune in to Meridian Magazine for the highlights from the 3rd Annual Haslett High School yard sale!...[More]

Haslett Community Yard Sale

Find out what you need to know about this year's Haslett Community Yard Sale....[More]

Garden Club Plant Sale

Residents get a chance to upgrade their own gardens with several new plants. ...[More]

Sale of Surplus Ambulance

A Meridian Township ambulance has been retired and now the Township is figuring out what to do with ...[More]

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