Okemos Public Schools Land Sale

Okemos Public Schools Land Sale

UPDATE: OKEMOS, MI - The land was purchased in 2000 with money from the district’s building and site sinking fund for $300,000.

The district thought the area in Aladen Township would be developed and expected to use the land to build a school if necessary.

According to Amy Crites, the Okemos School Board President, the district has other land to build on as well as two schools not currently being used for K-12 Programming.

Wardcliff Elementary school is closed, and Edgewood is currently an early childhood center.

The proposition to purchase comes from Martin Investment Properties, INC.

They offered the district $300,000 for the property, the same amount the schools paid.

At the January 28 school board meeting, it appeared as though most board members were in favor of selling the property.

If they sell, Crites said the money would likely go into the schools’ general fund.

They expect to accept, reject, or counter the offer at the next meeting.

ORIGINAL STORY: OKEMOS, MI - Okemos School Board received an unsolicited offer to purchase some land on Sandhill Road.

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