Senior Center Rummage Sale

Senior Center Rummage Sale

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Senior Center hosted an event for the community to get rid of old things and find new. Many residents agreed that one person's trash is another one's treasure.

Bea Smyka has been a member and volunteer at the Meridian Senior Center for 12 years and found her treasure. It is a chicken that she named Shelly.

The Meridian Senior Center is hosting this rummage sale to help raise scholarship money for residents to become members.

From past year's success, the sale was extended this year to two days. Smyka said that she was going to wait to buy her treasure the second day since after 12:00 p.m. items were half off.

Sandy Wilson has been a member of the center for three years and volunteered to help out working at the check out. Wilson is a member that takes advantage of the scholarships offered.

"It goes to help defray the cost for me to be here and it can also help pay for a meal or two," said Wilson.

Sara Blossom Bostwick from Haslett enjoys garage sales and says the key is negotiation.

"My secrets are you go to nicer areas like where you live that's where you go to buy things," said Bostwick. "Just make sure you look at everything, don't skip over anything because there might be something good down underneath."

The items for sale were dropped off and donated starting eight weeks before sale day until the day of.

"My wife did all of the shopping, our trunk is filled," said Duane Possanza. "She is a great garage saler, she's been doing it so long, it just comes naturally."

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The senior center hosted the third annual rummage sale, but this year it went on for two days.

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