Garden Club Plant Sale

Garden Club Plant Sale

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Garden Club hosted their annual plant sale as their principle fundraising event to beautify the Meridian historical village. Club member Deborah Angell said that they are hoping to raise money put a sprinkle system at Okemos historical village gardens so that the members don't have to water the plants every single day.

All the plants at the event were donated by club members from their own gardens. As a result, all the plants cost between $3 to $12 dollars. Kris Belonge is a local gardener and she thinks annual plant sale offers an inexpensive way for new gardeners to begin their own garden. "If you go to local garden shops, it will be more expensive, but this is an economical way to start a garden," says Belonge.

Every plant was labeled with detailed instructions to not only encourage beginners to start their own gardens but also educate the public.

Anyone interested in joining the Meridian Garden Club, visit or call Char Sulin at 339-2368.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Residents get a chance to upgrade their own gardens with several new plants.

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