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Township Board Continues Discussion of Medical Marijuana Use and Regulation

Several items were discussed at the July 21st Township Board meeting, including the Zoning Amendment...[More]

MSU Medical Staff Works to Minimize Head Injury

Hit after hit the Spartan medical staff is on the sideline, ready to assist players after dangerous ...[More]

Senate Committee Passes Medical Marijuana Legislation to the Senate Floor

Earlier in July, the Senate Committee passed two bills both pertaining to medical marijuana. House b...[More]

Medical Marijuana Regulations Being Reviewed

At the February 10th Planning Commission meeting, there was a request to amend the zoning ordinance ...[More]

Medical Marihuana Ordinance Referred Planning Commission

The Meridian Township Board voted 4-2 in favor of sending the Medical Marihuana Ordinance to the Pla...[More]

Proposed Medical Marihuana Ordinance

At the last meeting, the Township Board addressed a few items regarding the Medical Marihuana Ordina...[More]

Township Board Continues Discussion on Medical Marijuana

The Meridian Township board discussed medical marijuana at their last board meeting. Some members of...[More]

Meridian Township Tackles Medical Marijuana Ordinance

The Meridian Township board has been addressing various aspects of a possible medical marijuana ordi...[More]

Medical Marijuana Regulations Talks in Progress

The Township Board is still discussing new regulations for medical marijuana....[More]

Driving Conflicts for Medical Marijuana Users

Could Medical Marijuana users affect their driving? Find out on the next Beyond The Badge. ...[More]

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