Medical Marihuana Ordinance Referred Planning Commission

Medical Marihuana Ordinance  Referred Planning Commission

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Board voted 4-2 in favor of sending the Medical Marihuana Ordinance to the Planning Commission.

The ordinance is to be reviewed because of its special nature. It is an amendment regarding zoning in the Township. Trustees Veenstra and Scales both were opposed to this motion. Trustee Veenstra said that there are worse things like tobacco and Trustee Scales said that is seems like a waste of time and all of the hard work their committee put in. Township Clerk, Brett Dreyfus voted in favor of the motion.

"In that process of compromise, try to both, minimize regulations that would effect access to medical marihuana by qualified patients, and also minimize restrictions that would prohibit caregivers and transfer facilities from allowing patients to obtain medical marihuana," said Dreyfus.

The Planning Commission will be discussing this item at a later date.

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