Medical Marijuana Regulations Being Reviewed

Medical Marijuana Regulations Being Reviewed

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the February 10th Planning Commission meeting, there was a request to amend the zoning ordinance to establish definitions and standards for the medical use of marihuana.

The request was to regulate the location of medical marihuana and to add new definitions to terms such as caregiver, grow and transfer facility, home occupation and qualifying patient. The main concern of location was to make sure that medical marihuana facilities are far enough away from schools.

The Planning Commission decided not to make a decision this week because of the constantly changing legislation.

Commissioner John Scott-Craig said, "I understand that there's going to be maybe pressure on the elected officials, that are the board, to make some sort of move. They can make the move of what I suggested, say look we have all of the drafts ready. The moment this comes over the pike, we'll move, we'll put protection in place."

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