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Wolverine Pipe Line Company Conducts Emergency Response Training at Ferguson Park

Twice a year Wolverine Pipe Line Company conducts a proactive training as part of their emergency re...[More]

Behind​ ​the​ ​Scenes:​ ​HOMTV​ ​Election​ ​Night​ ​ Training​

From crewing live call-in debates to following candidates on their campaign trails, HOMTV has been a...[More]

Crossing Guards Attend Training Ahead of Start of School Year

Adult crossing guards from the mid-Michigan area attended an annual training at the Dean Transportat...[More]

Spartan Stadium Hosts Hazmat Training Excercise

This past week the MSU Police Department partnered with local and state public safety officers for a...[More]

Michigan State Police Host Homicide Training for Detectives

Michigan State University and Michigan State Police Department (MSP), teamed up to host a homicide i...[More]

Meridian Fire Department Unveils Unique Training Equipment

It has been a big year for the Meridian Township Fire Department. New fire station, demolition of t...[More]

Local Residents Attend Meridian Township Election Training Workshop

Locals residents attended an election training workshop on Tuesday, Feb. 23 at the Meridian Township...[More]

Chinese Educators In-Training Visit Haslett High School

It was an exciting day for Haslett High School as they welcomed a group of 26 international Chinese...[More]

New Training Facility Coming to Meridian Township Fire Department

As a part of the new Central Fire Station, Meridian Township will soon be home to new firefighter tr...[More]

Police Attend Homicide Training in Lansing

Michigan State Police are holding their annual homicide training school this week, which helps offic...[More]

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