Rookie Training Turns Into Rescue

Rookie Training Turns Into Rescue

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Fire Department conducts water training at Lake Lansing at least twice a year. As the rookie firefighters finish their probationary period, they must go through this training.

The training lasts about 1-2 hours per person. During this Spring's training, there was only one Rookie.

The training went as usual; teaching the rookies how to hook up the boat, get into the water and maneuver across the lake. That was until the Ken Phinney, Battalion Chief of Meridian Township got a call about a person whose canoe flipped over on the lake.

The Rookie's training quickly turned into reality when he had to do a live rescue.

"With the amount of lakes and ponds that we have in Meridian, this is a day-to-day job for us," said Phinney.

With some help from other firefighters, the Rookie successfully helped the citizen and his canoe back to shore.

"Everyone here at training has on a life-vest. If we could get boaters to do the same, that in itself would save a life," Phinney said.


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