K9 Training Day for Local Police Departments

K9 Training Day for Local Police Departments

EAST LANSING - The Meridian, East Lansing and Fowlerville Police Departments held a K9 training day in East Lansing. The departments are allowed two days a month where they get together and spend the day training their dogs.

During the training, each officer has the opportunity to work with their dog and run though different scenarios. The training's include tracking, evidence recovery, area searching and scent work.

"These training's are vital because it gives us an opportunity to work with our dogs on a regular basis. For these dogs to continue to perform at a high level, they need constant, regular training," said Lt. Chad Connelly of the East Lansing Police Department.

The police officers spent the day training their dogs and connecting with the other K9 officers. Meridian Township Police Officer Andy Tobias said that it takes an officer who desires more responsibility to be a good K9 officer, but at the end of the day it is rewarding to be able to work with your dog.

"It is truly my best friend, I'm with him at work, I'm with him at home, to say the benefits about being a K9 handler, we could go on and on," said Meridian Officer Tobias.

"These dogs are locating tools first and foremost, and that's a great opportunity for us to actually find people, help people out. It's not all criminal based," said Lt. Connelly.


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