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Firefighters Gather for Hands On Hazmat Training

Firefighters from all over the state, out of state, and even some from Canada. went through hands on...[More]

Hunters Undergo Training for Meridian Township Managed Deer Harvest

In an effort to control the deer population, Meridian Township will hold a Managed Deer Harvest for ...[More]

Election Training Begins As The Primary Draws Near

As the 2014 Primary Election draws near, several things are being done to make sure August 5th is tr...[More]

Michigan Search & Rescue Dog Training in Meridian Township

The Michigan Search and Rescue organization held a training session for multiple dogs and their hand...[More]

First Class Dog Training

If you're looking for something fun to do with your dog, come visit the Meridian Township Service Ce...[More]

Hawk Training at the Harris Nature Center

The newest additions to the Harris Nature Center family are learning some new tricks... The Cente...[More]

3 of Meridian Township's Own Selected for National Training

The National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland has accepted three members of the Meridian Townshi...[More]

First Class Dog Training

First Class Dog Training is a 3-day veterinarian-approved training method for your dog. The basic ob...[More]

Fire Department teams up with K9 Search Team for Training

It was a bustling morning full of rubble, dust and treats. The Meridian, Lansing and East Lansing fi...[More]

Firefighters and K-9 Volunteers Team Up for Structural Collapse Training

Watch Meridian Magazine on HOMTV to find out why these firefighters are clearing debris and rubble. ...[More]

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