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Medical Marihuana Non-Zoning Ordinance Discussed at Township Board Meeting

During the Meridian Township Board meeting on February 5th, the Board addressed concerns and final a...[More]

Board Talks Growing Medical Marijuana in Meridian Township

During the September 18th Township Board meeting, the number of licensees for each aspect needed for...[More]

Board Makes Little Progress with Medical Marijuana Ordinance

On the heels of the November 6th ballot which includes a ballot proposal for recreational marijuana,...[More]

Marihuana Regulation In Meridian Township

On Tuesday, August 21st, the Township Board held a study session meeting discussing the topic of whe...[More]

New Expansion Coming to Ingham County Medical Care Facility

It's a busy sight at the Ingham County Medical Care Facility, on Dobie Road, as the construction of ...[More]

Medical Marihuana Final Adoption

The medical marihuana zoning amendment was further discussed at the recent Meridian Township Board m...[More]

Zoning Amendment for Medical Marihuana Might Be Coming to Meridian Township

Medical Marihuana has come to the Board's attention more than once according to Trustee Ronald Styka...[More]

Medical Marijuana May Generate $63 Million For Michigan If New Legislation is Passed

Administrative guidelines find that medical marijuana may in fact generate up to $63.5 million a yea...[More]

Planning Commission Denies Medical Marihuana Use in Township

The Meridian Township Planning Commission continued their discussion on medical marihuana at their S...[More]

Medical Marihuana Recommendation for Township Discussed at Planning Commission Meeting

At this week's Planning Commission, the Commission considered the legality of the location of where ...[More]

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