Board Talks Growing Medical Marijuana in Meridian Township

Board Talks Growing Medical Marijuana in Meridian Township

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - During the September 18th Township Board meeting, the number of licensees for each aspect needed for medical marijuana was discussed.

Though an official has not been taken, most of the Board agreed on a maximum of six types of licensees. These licenses could be for growing or selling medical marijuana, for an example.

Trustee Dan Opsommer questioned if the two existing industrial zones accurately expressed the intent of where growing can happen in the township.

Opsommer suggested the Board make Dawn Park, an area near Hagadorn Rd., and a northern area of the township growing areas to combat this question.

The Board discussed distances between licencees and the distance of 500 feet was brought up. This would prevent two licensees being in the same strip mall.

"This market is incredibly intense so, we are going to get good applicants," Trustee Opsommer said.

Trustee Julie Brixie is all for giving residents options when it comes to medical marijuana but, she is concerned about the odor.

"I think that is the biggest nuiscance that people are concerned about and I think that is something that has to be included in our process," Brixie said.

Tune into the next Township Board meeting for more updates on the medical marijuana ordinance.

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