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Food Pantry Jazz Benefit Concert at Haslett Community Church

Jazz music soared through the Haslett Community Church sanctuary on Tuesday, April 10th. The cos...[More]

Greater Lansing Food Bank Prepares for Holiday Season

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, many are reminded of the things they are thankful for, incl...[More]

Tom's Food Center Celebrates Fat Tuesday

Tom's Food Center celebrates Fat Tuesday by honoring the tradition that began in 1982 by hand making...[More]

East Lansing Food Co-op Down to it’s Final Days

Earlier this month, the East Lansing Food Co-op owners decided that they would be selling their stor...[More]

Food Trucks Will Now Be Permitted in the Industrial Districts

Mobile food vendors, also known as food trucks will now be allowed to operate in the Industrial Dist...[More]

East Lansing Food Co-Op Reaches Out to Community for Local Support

After celebrating 40 years, the East Lansing Food Co-op (ELFCO) is in need of continual community su...[More]

Food Truck Battle Brings Guest Out for a Night of Fun Food and Drinks

Red Haven Farm to Table held a food truck battle Thursday September 29th. They teamed up with Good B...[More]

Food Trucks Expanding Options in Meridian Township

With the weather heating up, people are looking for more options for food. Residents in Lansing...[More]

New Taste Comes to Town: Food Truck Review

Last year Meridian Township passed a new ordinance paving the way for food trucks and food carts to ...[More]

Chick-Fil-A Could Be The Next Fast Food Restaurant in Meridian Township

If approved a new and highly desired fast food restaurant will be constructed in front of Meijer. ...[More]

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